Bell's TAB+ Notation

This notation allows guitar tablatures to convey both pitch and time values of notes. It can also convey accented notes and various effects.

For best legibility, view in Courier or similar monospaced (fixed-pitch) font.

Let "n" and "u" stand for fret numbers. General symbols: flagged note: n' 2-flagged: n" dotted note: n. tied notes: n_n rest: # tap: tn accent: ^ (above high string) bend/tremelo: nbu & release: nburn pre-bend: nru vibrato: v (above high string) extra vibrato: V (above high string) slide up: n/u slide down: n\u hammer-on: nhu pull-off: npu trill: n~u (trill between n & u for entire time value) harmonic: <n> Specific time values: 1/16 note: n" 1/8 note: n' 3/16 note: n'. or n'_n" 1/4 note: n 5/16 note: n_n" 3/8 note: n. or n_n' 7/16 note: n_n'. 1/2 note: n= 9/16 note: n=_n" 5/8 note: n=_n' 11/16 note: n=_n'. 3/4 note: n== 13/16 note: n==_n" 7/8 note: n==_n' 15/16 note: n==_n'. 1 (whole) note: n===

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