I found my first guitar in 1995, broken, abandoned, and tossed to the curb. Once I'd patched it up with some glue and a new set of strings, the songs started pouring out. Here, you'll find some of what I've bottled. Drink up, friends!

Twombly and Iqbal casts a personal light on the Supreme Court's interpretation of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure section 8(a)(2): PDF of the lyrics and chords.
    Killer Dana gives voice to a surf break, once free but now buried in the name of the greater good: PDF of the lyrics and chords.
      Res Judicata boils a fundamental rule of civil procedure down to "Quit your bitchin' baby": PDF of the lyrics and chords.
        Disclose It: Really, it concerns the duty to disclose defects in the sale of real property--not defects in romantic interests. Why would anyone think otherwise?
        Sensible Khakis gives a shout-out to entrepreneurs while discussing the law of business entities.
          Punky Rooster plays tribute to my Grandma Winston's chickens, while posing a puzzle about tort law's One Bite Rule: PDF of the lyrics and music.
            We Celebrate Your Birthday offers a copyright-free alternative to the copyright-protected song, Happy Birthday to You. (Yeah, those are my kids singing.)
            Hello, Jonah. Get your folk on!
            The Hand Rule: A song about the Hand Rule of the law of negligence.
            Don't Sing Along, a copyright-free song about copyright and freedom: PDF of the lyrics and chords.
            Darlin', It's Not You: Country-fried, true and tried, hop on up and take a ride. PDF of the lyrics and chords.
            Take Up the Flame: To be played at the head of a marching hoard of freedom fighters.
            I.I.E.D.: A song about the tort of outrageous infliction of emotional distress.
            Under the Tree of Heaven, a Renaissance fair-flavored instrumental written for one of my favorite places: PDF of the chords.
            Nice to Be Wanted: A little silly, sure, but with a hard core of hacked off.
            Count on You, shows me playing the goof for love: PDF of the lyrics and chords.
            Which Came First? sounds best when accompanied by beers sloshing in 3/4 time: PDF of the lyrics and chords.
            Honolulu Hapa
            California Sage sings of my beloved SoCal wild places: PDF of the lyrics and chords.
              La Niña: Played for my daughter while still in the womb: PDF of the tablature.
              El Niño, which I wrote for my son: PDF of the chords.
                Excuses, covers the contract law defenses of mistake, frustration, and impracticability: PDF of the lyrics and chords.
                  Priscilla v. Dunston ~ or ~ A Harmonic Mnemonic on Contract Formation: PDF of the poem and a sketch of the tune.

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