Polycentric Law

What is polycentric law? Wikipedia suggests I might know something about it. Perhaps so.

My interest in polycentric law, and the related topics of consent theory and special jurisdictions, spans decades and has generated many papers and presentations. The Freeman published a series of short essays that offer a quick introduction to these themes. For a single comprehensive volume on the facts, theory, and practice of polycentric law, look for the forthcoming book, Your Next Government? From the Nation State to Stateless Nations (Cambridge University Press late 2017).

In addition to scholarship, I have for several years consulted for clients in the special jurisdiction industry. Through Archimediate LLC, I design, install, and support legal systems for private and public parties across the globe. Though experienced with both common law and civil law forms of government, Archimediate specializes in Ulex, a open-source, flag-free legal system designed for jurisdictions that want non-political rules from the most objective and respected private and international sources.

According to Brian Doherty, reporter for Reason magazine and author of Radicals for Capitalism, a leading history of modern libertarianism, "Bell has effectively cornered the market in legal advice for the startup-city crowd."

Polycentric Law

Consent Theory and Constitutional Law

Special Economic Zones and Startup Cities

Columns in The Freeman


Just as Linux offers an open source alternative to closed operating systems like Microsoft Windows or Apple's OS, Ulex offers an open source alternative to political legal systems.

Consulting Services

As President of Archimediate, LLC, I advise clients on the design, installation, and support of private legal systems.

After years of developing the theory of polycentric law, I began its practice as consultant to Future Cities Development, Inc., reporting to CEO Patri Friedman and funded by Peter Thiel. After the Honduran Supreme Court struck down the RED statute, and FCD had to roll up operations, I helped Elevator Cities Development pursue opportunities under the Honduran ZEDE statute and across the planet. I have also done pro bono work for various Liberlander efforts--mostly in the design of legal pamphlets and anti-arrest cards--and for the Seasteading Institute.

Practice in this area involves such things as counseling public and private parties on how to create the necessary preconditions for a successful legal zone, drafting statutes, designing and customizing private legal systems (see, e.g., Ulex), and analyzing diplomatic and international legal issues. It easily ranks as the most challenging, interesting, and rewarding legal work I've done in my 30+ years as an attorney. Here you will find some materials related to this field of practice.

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